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                                                ANSWER: ABSOLUTELY!
                            WHAT A  RIDE WOW!!                                                      
Wow! is right took my wife and two teenage sons to Universal's Island of Adventure
what a great time we had we really bonded as a family riding all of the rides together. MyTwoSons from: St.Louis, MO.
I to though going to Disney World would be expensive but it not airfare under $200 dollars per person hotels under $500 dollars for 4 nights and there plenty of family restaurants to choose from had a great time GREAT BONDING TRIP.
Motherknowsbest from: Atlanta, GA
My girlfriend parents could never afford to take her as a child to Disney World so we surprise them by taking them the joy, laughter, and tears priceless
gotitgoingon from: Baltimore,MD.
The girls and I were in town for NBA All Star Weekend so we decided to go to Adventure Island WHAT A GREAT TIME! we pledge when we get married we all coming back as a family
singlelady2 from: NY City
Guys man up fellows and I also took in Adventure Island we all lost our man card LOL! HAD A GREAT TIME!
Greg from: NJ
You never to old to enjoy Adventure Island or Sea World wife and I are 60 yrs old and retired we walk a lot pass younger people complaining about walking lol. had a great time also.
grandma and papa from: Dallas, Texas
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